Protect Enterprises Cost-effectively improves information security processes, while helping enterprises meet security best practices and maintain regulatory compliance.

A Delicate Balance Enterprises in every industry and every country must balance often-competing needs for security and accessibility. Network administrators are faced with the challenge of protecting valuable data in a decidedly open environment, as well as helping to establish and maintain internal controls on transactions. Stringent IT budgets and resource constraints only increase the challenge.

Regulatory Compliance Most businesses today must comply with industry and government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, PCI and SCADA. Cyberbodyguards has a wealth of experience in helping customers meet regulatory compliance and reporting requirements. First, Cyberbodyguards will conduct a thorough gap analysis of your current security state and compare it best practices. Then, Cyberbodyguards works with you to design and implement solutions that close those gaps to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. Finally, Cyberbodyguards offers reporting options that help you reliably and accurately report on the integrity of your data.

Network Availability and Performance Increasing numbers of users, open network access and the popularity of portable computing devices place high demands on your network. Spam, spyware and phishing attacks can also significantly impact your network. Cyberbodyguards can help optimize your network performance through policy development, system design, and products that block bandwidth-eating “bad” traffic.

Attack Prevention Businesses are frequent targets of a wide array of Internet attacks: unauthorized access, data theft or alteration, worm and virus infiltrations, hackers, automated attacks, and denial-of-service attacks. Unfortunately, attacks can originate from inside your network as well as outside.